T Time, 

    after Julie Andrews on The Muppet Show 

New Roman,

tell the story,

with no force

of one rhyme, 
but one time,
the one where

morals are as profitable as  

war is an act of kindness to one world

of metaphysical fish, steaks, oranges, & chocolates on

the list of the fair mom away at work, & the trans nanny
god teacher told the child this story about time.  The story about the 
time when the child had no time for the story about a past catching up.

The one where 
people were out in the world 
popping off on other people out in
the world where people are dropping
in & out of the world where the mom
of the pop icon had not chosen unpopularity.


The one where 
mom chose for the kid to be a country 
that fights for the choice to feel like a chosen one.
The lone story about one sperm & one egg under a microscope.


The one where
the king was shooting blanks
& the kids were all watching golf
while fireworks were whistling through

airs exploding alone into popcorn flowers.
That was a good one.   That one was special.


The one where
an entire canon is shot through loose cannons to other countries.  
Why did the cow in the room push the elephant aside?  
There is quite a nice trajectory with vegetables.  
Nothing is as practically perfect as a peach 
playing the part in But Why? the spring
powerhouse blockbuster musical

about the American Dream’s



The one where
the spot is sold out
for America to play a part

in polemic flag pipe dreams

of classified ads of parts to play.
She got a Masters in fair playing the part.  
Mom, who never had any time to part & play 
Beethoven & Mozart.  The kid had to play catch up
to the one where
countries were growing up to stop asking questions 
about mom’s day at work whistling like a kettle for the Wounded King

tooting at her with church shell as though she were an animal & the sound not made of gas.


The one where
the kid could not ask but why mom did not have time for her country’s problem

fighting an invisible devil that got the country’s goat, born from future e-i-o-lit gardens.

The one where

the work of a world of choices made for all the kids find resolve in grand king's finale

of sole firecrackers in a head-to-head show where all finish the same in time. 


The one about the one on one to one step of one one-sided story chosen

to be most popular, logged, & conserved in some great book

for one spinning modern metamorphic tapioca bead

with puppet seed eyes from the skies (lies)

then keeps on going & growing

echoed from the hilltops

alive after death

of one lone





**first published by Promethean, Spring 2017