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old hope, ur only hope, is 4 imagination not to die,
yet the more answers given, the more it limits it

Yoda's ears are indeed wide open, n so were mine as
a young Padawan, ugh, see, the cannon has won, 
but really, it's all about those sound fx, sound bytes, 
n sweeping musical scores, in the end, that make it

there's something new every time you watch the old,
yet so much old in the new. such a desire to capitalize
or flesh out, explain n answer minute details on toys

o but who has license on dreams, i'm a fanatic addict 
2, so much misguided force to criticize what's loved?
we r much more severe w/ things that matter to us
blue screens were awesome for practical effects,
but then in those prequels, it made a weak script
even staler. how can u capture something authentic
when u have actors in unknown settings, talking to 
the wall?  Frankly, I'm bored by the cgi n think
it looks fake. it's like video game vignettes, not film.

Disney can't stop milking its almighty cow for more

the end of this episode has some wild foreshadowing 
if you believe time and space is linear. Star Tours then
Muppet Vision 3D followed at Disney theme parks.
then the Dark Side showed its power n acquired the
Star Wars franchise as well as the TMS Muppets.
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BLUE 4 U is my fourth volume of poems, but the
first to be picked up by a publisher. 
A New Hope was George Lucas's fourth episode 
but the first to be picked up by a studio. 
how's that for META?

x is next...not too far, 
far away...