(is that poetry?)

I made this website to record published poems, but what can I do as a Muppet fanatic? M'blog is space to ramble when the moon wants. Maybe I'll take this down. There's so many flipping platforms!


I hate to admit, but I gave up on myself recently. Thank God, a librarian saved me with movies. 

O yea, before that...I started a TikTok.


What a time to still be alive! Muppets NOW has ended (thank gawd), there's a new Henson show called Earth to Ned (is that Jiminy Glick?!), Weldon the IT guy is on every month (miserable), and Lindsay Scoggins made an insanely amazing music video for Peaches!


I discovered Talk Talk's "The Rainbow" today...


Well, I just finished watching Muppets NOW's first episode, "Due Date," and I'm smiling. I have a tendency to be dramatic and overreact, but my feelings on the direction the Muppets have gone with Disney pulling the strings still remains the same. I remember back in the glory days of Farscape when The Henson Company was selling, and I was so caught up in it (if EM.TV rings a bell, you know what I'm talking about). Sadly (for me), in the end, they ended up with Disney.  I mean, what doesn't Disney own nowadays? Jim was considering Disney when he was alive, so I totally understand why the family chose them, however I feel the same about Disney as the new Muppets title suggests... there was Disney THEN, and Disney NOW... & well now there's Disney +.

I think it's fairly impossible not to smile once with the new show. Henson created colorful furry feathered foam puppets with pupils that connect with viewers, and so just visually, Muppets will always deliver, but often (now), I can't help but cringe. There was something really charming about seeing Kermit's pilled felt, but now the construction of the puppets all seem too perfect. Who didn't love Season 2 of The Muppet Show with Miss Piggy's face lift, or Gonzo's eyebrows, or Fozzie's nice new orange coat of fur?  But the new Disney Muppet of the bear matched with the lack of Oz in Fozzie, just does not sit well with me. I feel that way about all of Oz's characters. That's not my Miss Piggy or Animal or Sam, and it's definitely not The Great Fozzie Bear. Of course then we have Kermit, and no, Whitmire's Kermit was never my Kermit the Frog, but at least he has the same birthday as Jim Henson, and was mentored by him, and I had "grown accustomed" to him...& NOW with Vogel vocals and Muppeteering... he just feels so wrong to me, and I can't get over the strange irony of the evil Constantine essentially replacing him. 

I'll tell you something, it's actually the new Muppets who make me laugh. Well, when they get it right anyways.  I am not a fan of Walter...at all... and I hope Andy, Randy, and Seymour are happy with Hilda, Fleet, and Tami in Muppet heaven... but when they got it right with Carl, Sal, or Pepe, it's a beautiful thing.  Whitmire's Turkey in Muppet Family Christmas was eh, but in "Due Date," Buescher's new turkey, Beverly Plume, made me laugh out loud the way Nelson's chicken voice always made me crack up. I also loved seeing Barreta's Howard (the flaming homosexual pig) in this episode. It's too bad Tinseltown never got its day, though that show wouldn't have worked unless they had strong writers. Just look at Happy Time Murders! Todd Berger rode that project straight into the ground. Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked... or am I? Speaking of driving things into the ground, RuPaul has admitted to owning a fracking empire!! I just don't get how with all the "stars" being scrutinized today, how he hasn't faced any repercussions for this. I mean, I get it, RuPaul's Drag Race is the most addicting reality television program out there, but the Muppets have a history of being environmentalists... I don't know... I'm turning into Statler...without the jokes...


One of my dreams is to become the next Jerry Juhl.  Either I will get my chance, or I’ll die with my dream.  That’s life, and so I choose not silence my voice even when the majority does not agree with me. Jim Henson had to fight to have his furry foam accepted by adults, and this outsider feels like he will have to fight his entire life. Of course nothing positive comes from fighting, but I’ve had a bottle of wine, and I’m feeling down (Steve Whitmire style), and thought I’d whine to no one.  Today is the day Muppets NOW premieres, and well, I guess perhaps I’ll write a review of it once it does.  Despite my trepidation, I was onboard with The Muppets (horrible title) which failed miserably (and not in the cute  and funny Muppet way). I am not a Muppet fan who is happy and glad for anything Muppet that comes out. I’m just not. I found my old review of The Mupppets, and you can read it HERE if you so choose. It was never published anywhere, I just wrote it because I had to get my feelings out. AHH!


Ooof, I am so nervous for Muppets Now.  I am just so disheartened by the direction the Muppets have gone, and although my opinion on the matter holds no weight, although I think it's safe to say if there was a competition, I'd rank high as a fan of The Muppet Show, and as an obsessive fan, I just can't shake off my feelings or how often I dream about being able to pitch my ideas to The Henson Company.    

Sometimes I wish I could be like other Muppet fans that adore anything and everything that's put out, but it's not who I am.  Most people loved Jason Segel's The Muppets (worst title ever), but I have a difficult time sitting through it— whereas I could watch (& probably have watched) The Great Muppet Caper a thousand times over.  I honestly think Muppets Underwater would have made me happier, but c'est la vie.
For me, the spirit of the Muppets of late night television has seriously dissipated, and although I'll be one of the first to watch Disney +'s new show, the characters feel like empty shells of a stereotype of who they used to be, and I just don't know how the new show is going to sit with me.  It fills me with both dread and anticipation, but I've been here before.  I'm still working on muppoems, but I keep thinking it might be time for me to start writing down an outline for my vision on how to make the Muppets hip and relevant again, while still remaining true to Henson's team's vision.  When I die, ironically, there's a good chance people may finally pay attention to me...


The whatnots will have their day... someday.  With Broadway closed, one is bringing some back to the people. 

I am happy to have completed editing my stupid little music video.  The spirit only takes hold of me every so often— trying to find the motivation and battling avoidance behavior is tough for me.  Similar to poetry— you have an idea — but do you bother with it?

I'm not really good at editing video. I want it to just be laughs, and I don't really enjoy going through shots trying to make it work. I also have no concept about mixing and special effects. 

I gave myself the leeway to have more fun this shoot by saying "it's gonna be extraordinary... because it is so beyond ordinary." That's the gag— whatnot is a total failure. Yet still I tried to get bits to sync up right. They didn't and I moved on, and maybe whatnot doesn't hit his death mark at "meeeee" because I messed with it too much, but I think he stops twitching at the same point?  It's still better than Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart" music video. Seriously.

Here is a whatnot singing "Extraordinary" from the musical Pippin.  He just wanted to bring Broadway back to the people.  Perhaps the whatnots will have their day... someday.  *The closing music is the theme from the television program, Felicity.  Nevermind my bad editing skills, my biggest regret is I forgot to put a period after "whatnot" just like Felicity .

The goal of this site was to try and make my work a little less esoteric for those that are interested in it.  After creating this blog, I realize I've created another monster!

    This site is basically a rabbit hole! ...I don't suppose I have any option now but to make it go deeper.

Here is a poem I wrote outside of my rainbow-connection collection, although still in the ekphrastic family.  You can read it in Office Magazine HERE.


So today I'm scrolling through social media, and I see that The Muppet Movie premiered 41 years ago yesterday, and I thought wow, connection, I was just filming my puppet video the same day.  Then I come here and realize I have no concept of time at all— it's already been a day after.  

But sure enough, then I'm looking for a red picture of James Coco, and I find one of Jim Henson and his daughter, Cheryl, and it's noted in his Red Book, that the photo was taken before or after "Cheryl's high school Pippin opens!"  

I've kept a letter from Cheryl framed by my desk for a long time for inspiration, and it's just so wild that she was in that musical, because the puppet video I'm shooting is for a song from it.  Now that's extraordinary.


Today I'm out filming another music video, cuz why not  The last one I made, very few people watched, and those that did told me how off my lip sync was.  Everyone's a critic!  Well hell, I've never done drag before, that head piece was heavy, and I'm not the best video editor. It was a spontaneous impromptu shoot with no storyboard. My poor friends had to try and understand what was going on in my imagination the whole time, which was not easy. Bless them up. For all that, I think it still maintains some of the humor we had while making it. I hope it makes you smile just a little.

O... to be clear....the cast of puppets— that's a Voodoo doll politician, that's the Devil, himself, and that orange thingie is my Brain!  Isn't she cute? 


I'm thrilled to finally have my blog back! Shortly after starting it, I was told by a man by the name of King, that I shouldn't self publish my work, or else no one would ever take me seriously, so I immediately took it down.  However, the struggle never ended, my voice is very queer, and it's not easy to find acceptance.

I decided to persevere and put myself out there again.  I'm still flooded with rejections in my inbox,  but sure enough I got one acceptance today.  I was reminded of Bernadette (of course) and decided to change m' blog from my old journey of just trying to write the work to the new journey of finding acceptance.

I have worked very hard to make sure each of my pieces has nothing at all to do with The Muppet Show whatsoever. Despite any Joycean allusions to the show or the guest star or pop culture obscurities, I strove to make each poem speak for itself. The Muppets are simply my Muses.    

However, I am, nevertheless, obsessed with The Muppet Show.  M'blog provides a chance to rant on about all my rainbow connections that I have been searching for. It is a chance for me to explain a bit of my process and how it has informed me and my poems. 

As far as finding publication acceptance... we shall see.  I'm still writing Blue, Green, and Purple, which I hope will be my strongest work to date.  However I am proud of my Yellow, Orange, and Red babies, and I hope I can find homes for them in innovative zines somewhere out there in the big bad poetry world.


Welcome to M'blog! Here are the keys to my diary.

Well, that's it!