three coats of red watercolors

after Spike Milligan on The Muppet Show 

(a poem must NEVER be centered)

I'd like to teach the world to sing                                  in perfect harmony .

I'd like to buy the world

a Coke &                                                   keep it company .


Carefully connected words from an American chain,

my father’s career company

 (until It eliminated his position when he got older),

kept all our bodies company .


What an out of this world ad !              Wouldn't that be spectacular ?


Every body all celebrating together around the ball .



Light .         Breath .        World .         Music .       Bass .          Life .


. . . that would be beyond beautiful . . .



How could that not make gOd happy ?

How could that not make yOu happy ?

! UH - O !


Spaghetti – O                                                                                                Cheeri - O


bipolar bottle cap


is spinning wheel


and the deepest circles of hell


are the halos around our heads .


heed what a coat conceals


with Its conceited arms :


bloody time . . .


. . . small world


yes indeed . . .


. . . small words




arthur was a king who had a circle on top of his crown .


marble is an idea . ideas are to be stoned . stones are meant to be stacked .

so marbles are stones, only much smoother .


a stone is a body . and such a toy is a rhinestone .


( rough is a hard way of looking at this  )


marbles are meant to be collected . collecting is an art . art is a mood .


yet art is for always . if always is today .


aged art of arms . bonded chain .


today is shared .  but not with tomorrow .


so when tomorrow finally comes

won't rhinestones want to be melded to metal also ?


royalty is a dish . dishes are served sexy . and leather can be sexy .


sexy is age .


leather is skin .  so skin is an armor .


armor can have chains .  connection . . .  is an idea .


but if a metamorphosis is just a belief, 

then merlin never gave the golden boy a ringlet


and sheath . table . crown . dish . tape . or stick .


. round is round .


and so arthur was once a rhinestone . then arthur was a sexy stone .


then he was a king .


and then


he lost his marbles .


this is why waiting           .      .      .      is a stone in a shoe

.                                   .                                   .


sword. skull. stone. story.

shame. spikes.

2B . . . 2B sword story stone head

stopped . by my pristine clean handkerchief page

waving goodbye to the island . what a story to be

set for double-edged rubber erasure sword razor

finding the Indian leather wallet

in my white briefcase underwear

w/ my tucked-in white undershirt

( that’s my top shirt )

of man corporate chain-boy disgrace .

so the stone goes

only how you told it

within our shield ;

by chain of command ,

the stone was our story .

or it was his story or his or his or his . . .

all I know

is that one day

you were in a race

after playing field game

and you had to be first .

you ran to the tree out back

and you climbed up to the top

and you were first,

but your hands grabbed

a power line,

and we all recollect it

some same way that you told it :

that the doctor

told you

All Stars’

rubber sole

saved your soul .

you slid by .

force of electricity

ran through you

and stopped short

to let you get away

with third degree burns

of working hands that made


the real thing


keep the Coca Cola can cold & cozy in a qoozie koozie lovely pupper mopler stubby holder colder holder hugger candom bottle coastie beach bawdle huggie wuggie sleeve jacket cooler coolie coldy- holdy stone rubber snook bubble insulated shade sheath
to be enjoyed by couch guests in company chains during voltage spikes

* first coat of poetry, "CHAIN MALE," was first published by Transfer Magazine