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      "Spinneret"                               in Humphrey " after Raquel Welch, the last living studio star " was a note I struck because she crossed over right before publication of the magazine. & This poem is about death and renewal, or maybe not at all, but that was on my brain when writing it.   Giving a backstage tour is strange for me because I can’t explain my self— which may be one reason I write poems to begin with.   However, I’m trying my best since I decided to do this, and the process of interrogating myself I suppose is good for me as it challenges me to think even more.   At the same time, it wears me down in a way I’m not sure I have the words for, because I seem to always be explaining myself, or and I’m not sure why.   I want to be understood, but I probably mislead people as much as I feel I am misled, and so if you have to squeeze it down, its open for interpretation. I don't know why I still disagree I'm being

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