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On Line, from Stone Age to TV Season,  Pupils Seek Truth; No Time for Treason. delusions of grand sandcastles in the sky           after one Jim Nabors on The Muppet Show  Lines of alien flags breathe with the wind.           Weather decides whether structures rescind.                                         Bacteria born and apes had an heir. Cities ape mountains that kiss the frail air.  Clay heart of country shapes the spirit’s core. Controlling body pile's militant Corps. Land Lords farm and harvest heads to be bred. Crusts of continents rape lands over bread. Cannibals live and primitives have passed. Hidden voices still sing songs from the past.                 Fools can play maestro and move human herd. A word is a word.  Depends how it’s heard. Those in high places see ways to plan it:   People and puppets on pupils’ planet. Pupils search for string which all things are tied. One pebble causes the fall of the tide. Out of nothing came systems that have whirled.      Bri

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