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" Out to Pasture "      in Mad Swirl O Lord, 50. How could they all turn red?  Well, yesterday, when I was young, I randomly assigned colors and elements to seasons of The Muppet Show as parts of a book, and the more I started writing, the more connections I started to make between a show from the past & the show that is my life & this whole world of show.  Writing the first two parts took a long time, and getting to the third, I felt more charms at work between my self and this reality we all call life.  I felt synchronicity between myself and the television (god) when Roy Clark’s guest stars and a fire ignites in the theatre!   Catching fire with threes, this muppoem is a villanelle.  A villanelle is a fixed form of six stanzas, five of which are tercets, consisting of three lines each.  Originally, villanelles were about pastoral scenes.  They were basically country songs, and that fits this episode where Kermit says they are all “going country.”  The original vill

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