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" 2 GOOD 2 BE TRUE " in Dream Pop What I can even say? ...I can't lie.     ... should this poem be my calling card? YES! LIZA LIVES!      in FACT:  LIZA OUTLIVES!!!!  & it's " TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE " in Dream Pop 💦 NOW also available to own in BLUE 4 U This poem was written after (/4) Liza (w/ a "z") Minnelli (double "n," double "l" (like New York, New York, so good, it's sung twice)) and her award-winning guest appearance on the Fred-winning The Muppet Show! LIZA!   No, it's true. & she returned in 1984 for a genius cameo in The Muppets Take Manhattan! &   If you did not know, Liza is the daughter of dame, Judy Garland (Francis Gumm) and famed director, Vincent Minnelli, but I feel bad mentioning her parents when it should be all about her.  I  can imagine it was difficult for Liza to live in her mother's light, but she certainly never showed it, and she took the world on by storm as her own brilliant wom

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