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" Ode for the birds " Since Liberace’s guest appearance on  The Muppet Show  in Season 3 is an ode to birds, for his muppoem, I decided to write an ode too. & I originally planned to write a full-on praise poem as most odes are. My grandmother and mother both shared their love for birds and their cheerful music with me when I was young. I also love how the males of most species are extremely flamboyant and find the sacred mating rituals they perform to be fascinating. However, I was taking a bath one night, and I thought, I really don’t like this episode of  The Muppet Show  that much. There are a few times when the Henson team was creative and altered the format of the show, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but generally those episodes aren’t ones I immediately go to for a re-watch, because they don’t have the same immaculate timing and rhythm to the vaudeville variety show. This is one such episode, with Liberace performing a piano concert the entire se

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