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NOW available to own in BLUE 4 U (Dream Pop, '22) " w/ wide open ears "   ⭐ in press @ Cosmonauts Avenue   old hope, ur only hope, is 4 imagination not to die, yet the more answers given, the more it limits it Yoda's ears are indeed wide open, n so were mine as a young Padawan, ugh, see, the cannon has won,  but really, it's all about those sound fx, sound bytes,  n sweeping musical scores, in the end, that make it there's something new every time you watch the old, yet so much old in the new. such a desire to capitalize or flesh out, explain n answer minute details on toys o but who has license on dreams, i'm a fanatic addict  2, so much misguided force to criticize what's loved? we r much more severe w/ things that matter to us blue screens were awesome for practical effects, but then in those prequels, it made a weak script even staler. how can u capture something authentic when u have actors in unknown settings, talking to  the wall?  Frankly, I

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