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NOTES on #19
"as good as a top without a bottom"

I can’t think of yellow without thinking of a Broadway playbill, and Ethel Merman was the cream of the crop on the top of the stage.  She has been called “First Lady” of musical comedy theatre.This poem is a sestina. A sestina is a thirty-nine-lined poem attributed to a troubadour, Arnaut Daniel, in the 12th century. Originally they would often feature the theme of courtly love. My sestina was inspired by The Muppet Show’s first seasonepisode featuring Ethel Merman and Richard Bradshaw after my own day in court.
There are numerous references to tops and bottoms in this episode, but the title of my piece is actually referencing a line of one of my heroes, the head writer of the Muppets, Jerry Juhl, in the film, The Muppet Musicians of Bremen.Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top” from Anything Goes was what helped some ideas about love that I was having float up to the top.  I chose the sestina form for this piece because I noticed how th…

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