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Sit Down, Space Cowboy 

after Bob Hope on The Muppet ShowYankee Doodle Dandy’s noodle is a busy microwave exploding with old orange
butterflies, little shooting scars of scorching macaroni & boiling neon cheese
atoms, & I'm on the fence if I ought to keep my window closed or open it.
It’s as hot as nuked molten lava inside, & from my apartment, I hear rounds
of shouts go off like misguided car alarms on the Fourth of July on the nose.
The honks build aggressively reptilian as soft-serve Pop! goes the Weasel jingle
melts into the back-alley trench-road to extinction amid an Indian summer.   I would be out in open space, looking up @ polled powdered wigs in the sky,
but I was jumped recently by the embassy on my way to a Calypso exhibition.Why are you doing this? There was infected wound of police yeast for an answer.
My room trembles & shakes as rippling waves of track bass rip out from steelthat wheels over stolen-crust leftovers. There are 76 trombones for every two-bit ly…

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