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"DIAMOND SEAHORSESHOE BLUE" This is your life!!!! Well it's my life. & it was his life. & it could be your life! Right, Lavin? We are livin now. There's a whole lot of magic with this piece, and I can't say I should be surprised, though I am.  In this episode, the world meets Zuzu, the water juggler. How funny that it would be in the season I assigned water to? Perhaps wilder, if you watchthe film, Diamond Horseshoe , you will be amazed, perhaps as much as I was, at the abundance of blue. I added "Sea" to the "Horseshoe" title for my title, because of the ocean, and also because my ex boyfriend was obsessed with seahorses.  Water is in this poem about the past about losing my boyfriend from an uncontrollable force...the GOVERNMENT! Definitely the strangest breakup I've ever been through. America told my boyfriend he could no longer stay in this country, and we were split up. To try and make sense of this world, we did DMT together w

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