"Serving Delusions"

            in Yes Poetry!

This longer poem connects with Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristoffersen’s guest appearance on The Muppet Show.

It is the first time that a couple is featured.  There was the ensemble of Mummenschanz, and there have been two guest stars before, but here in the third season, we have two stars in love. This is quite funny, or sad, or ironic, because the third season of The Muppet Show also features another couple later on in the season, Dale Evans & Roy Rogers, who are older than Rita & Kris.  Dale & Roy staid together til' death did them part, but Rita & Kris divorced.  I suppose that sounds like Dale & Roy are superior to Rita & Kris, but Roy was Dale’s fourth husband, and Dale was Roy’s third wife.  Though, they were married for 51 years, and Rita & Kris were only married for seven years.  I wonder how time coordinates with meaning.  Perhaps marriage is not suitable for people until a certain age?  This episode definitely made me think about all my failed relationships with people and places. 

In the 11th muppoem, for Valerie Harper's piece, I likened the city to a dream and a love in which the narrator is unsure whether to give up or move on.  Like the city, I thought a man could fulfill my ideal, but I always failed to realize that he was working before I came along.  I have delusional thoughts that I will change a man, and I always end up depressed, yet can't seem to change myself.

I eat my way through many emotions. This episode introduces the canteen where Gladys (
performed by the genius, Richard Hunt), reigns as the theatre’s lunch lady.

When I was in school, I learned about the food groups, and I was taught that a food pyramid represented how much of each group of food should be eaten in a day.  On the top of the pyramid was the red zone, full of all the foods with no real nutritional value and bad for my health, which of course, I delighted indulging in.  Spoils remind me of my relationship with dreaming about such things as love in a city.