to the Next Adventure!

I had always wanted to travel to China ever since I
followed that big bird through the Vereen Screen.
When I finally was able to save up enough money
to arrive in Beijing wit my witty friend & friendly
companion, I truly could not believe it. How did I
get here? When I saw Big Bird in China, G for 1, I
loved it because I was obsessed with puzzles & it
made me feel like life was as big as Toni Morrison 
describes. Capital L for Life! Before I got there, I
got the chance to meet my hero, Caroll Spinney, &
shake his hand (which must have been tired), after 
his doc I AM BIG BIRD, that tells the story of not 
only him, but also, Little Xiao Fu, played by Lisa,
Ouyang Lianzi. If you go watch it & are not moved


to tears, I question who raised you. Of course, I *
might be biased, as the film was released in 1983,
the year of my birth. I used to have very low self
esteem & was awfully shy, so I was a bit proud of
my Self to give Mr. Spinney a copy of a first book
of yellow poems. He thanked me, & he told me that
everything in life is merely timing. Time. He would
never have become Big Bird if he was not in exact
right place at the right time. So, let us go backward,
in true Muppet fashion, before proceeding forward,
because there is so much more to this story. I made
the trip to China with my travel companion, who I
refer to as my Moon Goddess at times. We met in
San Francisco, both as pupils going to same school,


but met by way of connections. I'd gone out wit my
roommates & actually was inside her apartment, but
timing was off. She was not home. Spy, I peeked in
her room, & on the wall was a Sleater-Kinney poster,
& so I thought, now who lives here?! I finally met her
IRL in elevator, where we got to talking about desires
for traveling, & how we’d both been to Thailand before
& had a good experience. I had always been obsessed
with The Oprah Winfrey Show, & she (O) would speak
often about South Africa, a country that still deals wit 
the same issues of racism that America is dealing wit
now. At that time, I saw a rainbow on an Oprah show
& I became dead struck on it cuz I’d already begun on 
this project of mine— these “muppoems.” I thought,


I must go there for my next trip! & I ran into my girl
on the train (& would U believe?), we’re both reading
The Autobiography of Malcolm X! With another cool 
connexion, we decided to travel to that Rainbow Nation
Together, &… it was the most amazing trip I’ve (ever?)
been on. Oprah had talked about that book, The Secret,
but I was too skeptical. I also know the story of how
Oprah got to be Harpo like the back of my hand, but I
couldn't understand. Sure, ender? I surrender already! I’d 
pray, or say… but nothing. I then read James Redfield’s
The Celestine Prophecy, & I thought, OMG, he HAS al-
ready written about these weird connections I'm having! 
wit that, I determined, I must go to Peru next— on off to
Cusco (declared a World Heritage Site in 1983), so that I


might travel to see Machu Picchu. Trouble was, I’d spent
nearly all my coin going to Africa, & I was waitressing at
the time. I prayed up to God, God, I truly would like to go 
there…it seems I am suppose to go there, but don’t have 
the allowance for it. What to do?? (Would u believe) It 
wasn’t long after I found five 100 dollar bills lying on a
floor wit not another soul in near sight! Holy San Fran,
Batman! What were these?! From God?? No, it must've
dropped by some drug dealers… OMG! I immediately
bought my Self a ticket after work. Finally, I arrived in
Cusco where all these Incan rainbow flags waved high 
by the winds! I arranged to hike Salkantay trek onward
to Macchu Picchu,& it was so exciting because I was all
alone, & I was really moving like no other, & as the only


homo in my group, for some sick reason I felt proud as
straight guys kept asking to stop. Well, when we got to
the peak of Salkantay, I was told then how folks wrote
up their dreams & buried them there for them to come 
true… & so I did of course. I can not recall if I wrote
more than “HELP me FINISH WRITING my BOOK! 
These BOOKS!..maybe (please) meet Oprah?” Finally 
at Machu Picchu, it was (for me anyway) as they say: 
It was all about the journey. It was so early in the morn
when we got to top of MP, & a fog was rolling through
fiercer than any time I could remember in San Francisco. 
Maybe it was the bus ride up there…or…perhaps it was
my (always-reliable) nerves, but I got superbly nauseous!
With time & cool water, I was fast running, trying to make 


it to every corner of the sight before we had to leave. I’d
return home, & think, why that was brilliant! But it was... 
disappointing? At that point in my life, I wanted real fast
answers— immediate answers!!! I had no patience at ALL.
IDK. Maybe you don’t either? Well, fast forward o seven
years, & I was in Beijing, on my way to The Great Wall!
Once I got there, I was in shock, & I pleaded, OMG! Girl… 
Could we go to all the places on the scroll / map Big Bird
had to go to to see the Phoenix?! She laughed at me... but 
agreed, & from that point on, IT WAS ON, DIXIE KONG!
I was going to find that Monkey King if it was last Thing
I ever did with my life. I kept telling my Self to write it all
down—every Thing down, cuz you're going to forget this
dream-come-true once back & high wears off. You'll for-


get all names & routes we took, that could help some one
else who might want to live this dream as a TV Super Fan. 
On 3/3, I wrote “I’m in China! Life is unreal. Surreal!”…
Then it’s 3/21, and I am criticizing my self again, “Wow!
What a writer you are!” as I waited for my flight home to
Lisboa. I was simply too hung up inside my head to write,  
but I recall enough to make my pointless point here now
in muppoem #131. Next on the map, was a camel statue,
which we made it to in no time! After that, find a simple
bridge, but that was a lot more difficult than it had been
for dear Big Bird! Thank every God, my Moon Goddess
knew how obsessive I was to put up wit me & got us to
where there were similar bridges, but I just could NOT
find THE ONE before time was up & the sand ran out...


As the sun went down on us, & I wondered if I should
just give up at that point… but when we found fourth
& final place on the scroll, I thought, let’s just finish (4
fun). Yet, I couldn’t find rice fields close to glass chess
board, never mind the tall stone soldiers standing guard.
However, sailing down Guillin's Li River lifted my Spirit
like River Phoenix & soon I was drinking my bubble tea 
by one who could drink river dry, as well as C-thru mount
& made a headless water buffalo by closing one eye. But, 
when I saw no feathers that grew at a river bank, I let the 
silly dream of us meeting the Phoenix die. Tho, I, resolved
I would rise to write my own ending & last place we went
to, before a Beijing return, was ancient town of Fenghuang,
which means “phoenix.” While hiking there, we discovered


a place where people wrote down their dreams in order to
come true…& of course I did… Sound familiar? Writing
this muppoem, I realize, my dream will come true. I'm here.
I am just a few poems away from FINALLY finishing these
books! I can’t wait to have this demon out of me so I can go
slay it dead in the future! I’m on the last stanza here before
take off, & can’t you tell I’m scrounging for material? Must
I call it a short circuit & leave you, dear reader? Well Golleee...
Nope, there was also Hong Kong! & another rainbow beyond
South Africa, The Rainbow Nation. We also went to Eswatini,
Botswana, & Zimbabwe! Never mind my warm fuzzies wit a
jaw on the floor in SA, to see giraffes & zebras, the Ocavango
Delta was MAGIC! & in Zimbabwe, there was an endless true
rainbow at a Natural Wonder, where I (mad) jumped off the bridge


! & I ! ! !!! as I fell, screamed, JESU— (& the wind stole my voice...)


🙈      🙉      🙊