The cut of "Blues My Naughty Baby Taught Me" released was take #74. I don't know, I want it to mean something.
& I got some critical feedback from a teacher regarding my yellow and orange work that kind of punched me in the gut, which was exactly what she said my poems DID NOT do. "Why should I care about this?" I was asked. Now, Oprah says that when you experience rejection, you should say thank you for all that it will give you. I struggle with this, however this time, I was just finishing red, and I had resilience. I thought, what if I was U? You rhymes with blue, so eureka, I'll write all of blue in the second person, where you can be me, or a characterization, or someone specific, or u, the reader. In the 73rd muppoem, I peace out. I don't know if you can really break the fourth wall in a book, but this does that in some type of way, just like the Muppets loved to do.

& Limerence is the state of being obsessively infatuated with another person, characterized by a extremely strong desire for reciprocation of one's feelings.   

& Denver and the Muppets were super tight, I wish I had a connection like that.
& Denver has the voice of an angel, Hell, he even played God! He was kind of the "far out" countercultre hippie's poster boy. I was pretty shocked when I found out about how abusive his relationship got, with him chainsawing the bed in half, for one!

& Ok, religion aside, maybe I'd say John's voice is almost alien, which makes some sense, considering he was born in Roswell. Super strange, one of his early hits was "Babe, I'd Hate to Go," about leaving on a jet plane. It's weird because he ended up leaving this plane in a plane crash. It reminds me of how there was a tornado in Kansas when Judy Garland died. Anyways, many would call my work esoteric, and some believe in esoteric cosmology, where many planes of existence exist.

& John is all dressed in his best blues in this episode. Most know about the blue poison-dart frogs, but did you know there is also blue-jean frogs, where just their legs are blue? Anyway, the biggest rainbow connection for me in this episode, is the turquoise necklace he has on talking to Gonzo. Located in the center of the neck, is the throat chakra, blue in color. it acts as the individual's force of expression and individual truth, both internally and externally. A balanced throat chakra helps to set us free from the fear of judgement or need for approval from others." Well, here you go on another trip of 24...