*first in MISERY TOURISM

This episode features the very first episode (sketch) of the space opera, "Pigs in Space," taking place after "a suicidal collision course with the mysterious celestial object."

& you know, I can't shake the idea that I currently live in Purgatory. The other infamous Milton had a thing or two to say with Paradise Lost. I remember when I was in grade school, someone told me that this life on Earth is Hell, and when we die, Heaven would be a memory of whatever we loved most here in Hell. I used to imagine that Heaven would be filled with Muppets. Now I wonder if I, or someone else's soul, is stuck in a form of purgatory with them, just repeating the same mistakes over and over again until I get it right and/or die.

& after watching the Muppets I became obsessed with the television when I realized what it was doing. I remember reading a biography of Jim Henson and feeling like I had a similar obsession with this mysterious box. Of course, I have seen many things change with the people who hold all the power over this (tool) box, a lá "The Entertainer."

& Jack of all trades, Milton Berle, had three older brothers. The one closest in age to him was his brother, Jack. In '33, he got his first film role, Poppin' the Cork, from Jack White. Milton grew to become known as MR. TELEVISION, as after Jack Carter, he was the host of Texaco Star Theatre from 1948-55.

& born near Halloween, I always loved the autumn season, and writing on range as on the nose as Zelda, I had to write one about pumpkins. Of course, before Jim Henson passed, his son played Jack Pumpkin Head in the nightmarish, Return to Oz, which followed the The Wizard of Oz, which was Jim's favorite movie. Which film is better is up for debate. After I wrote this poem, later in purple territory, I re-watched The Muppet Movie, and I discovered a strange unexpected connection with Berle's cameo! 

& HERE is a history of Jack-O-Lanterns thanks to HISTORY.com

& this is my own personal fiction:  I went to New Orleans to celebrate my 30th birthday. On Día de los Muertos, the final make up of this muppoem #33 started to take form as I looked out at the Mississippi River, sitting on a boardwalk made in 1976.  On the J train on my way back home to Brooklyn, I was  working out the rest of the piece, and The Smashing Pumpkin's "33"  came on my IPOD shuffle out of thousands of songs. Also, I'm no numerologist, but it's perfect, cuz 3 x 3 is 9 and there were 9 circles on Purgatory. Of course(?) it was published by Misery Tourism right after I turned 39. On my birthday weekend, I watched The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXXIII (33).