Pope’sPapa Bull

      or  "Poet's Paper Ball"

                *first in Humphrey Zine

BULL! It's papal bull, not Papa's bull! Trash!


& Sylvester Stallone’s muppoem is an Italian sonnet. Is that prejudice? Italians receive prejudice in America, but America would be nothing without its meatball.  It’s all in the sauce! is the name of the new "reality" "tv show".

My sauce is the television.  It’s my favorite & they ruined it!  Money? hungry? political? noncreatives hijacked my sauce with bland “reality” spices!  I don’t understand why reality TV still reigns.  Really I’m in complete awe of all the progress in technology that has occurred around my life, but what did the world do right with it?  It seemed to go so fast no one was paying attention to where it was going.  The reality of reality TV is it’s cheap.  America is hustling the hustlers learning to appreciate sly knock offs, that I swear make you less intelligent.  Yes, we live in the age of YouTube and Netflix and streaming, but yes, I can (stay) mad about it (as long as...) I know there must be people out there that still only get their information from six corporately owned network channels  of basic (digital) television?

& When Sly starts fighting the lion in the Coliseum, I thought, nothing has changed.  Nothing has changed; we all still love gathering around and watching someone get his/her head cut off.  Only now, we can do it from the safety of our own homes.  Everyone gets to play the judge, jury, and executioner, although, not really, really.  They can’t really hear you out there, no matter how loud you tweet.  They know what they are doing.  I know what they are doing.  You want to fight me about it? Everyone is so busy competing with one another to notice or care.