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The 1971 Jim Henson TV special, The Frog Prince, was one of Jim's three Tales from Muppetland. I own it on VHS, but you can currently watch it here, thanks to Internet Archives:

Henson's The Frog Prince (1971)

& The Frog Prince is a Grimms' Fairy Tale whose actual title is The Frog King, or The Iron Henry. You can read that here:

The Iron Henry

& "Iron in folklore" from Wikipedia:

"Cold iron" is historically believed to repel, contain, or harm fairies, witches, ghosts, and other malevolent supernatural creatures. This belief continued into later superstitions in a number of forms:

    Nailing an iron horseshoe to a door was said to repel evil spirits or, later, to bring good luck.
    Surrounding a cemetery with an iron fence was thought to contain the souls of the dead.
    Burying an iron knife under the entrance to one's home was alleged to keep witches from        entering.

"Cold iron" is a substitute name used for various animals and incidences considered unlucky by some fishermen.

& Yes, I actually collect frog figures, all of which I like to laugh at, admire, or do voodoo on. Now, whether I have as many as men who have given me the O face is another story.

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