Outsider Works



Volume 2, Outsider Works, connects with Season 2 of The Muppet Show, and this is when things start to get groovy.

The main theme of the second book is The Doors of PerceptionNo coincidence, this season marks the beginning of the new opener where Scooter, who is orange, opens up the wooden door...  Knock, Knock... 

Welcome back the Great Fozzie Bear, taking on a larger role & sporting a nice new orange coat.

This season also introduces the phallic, orange-haired Beaker.

The backstage of The Muppet Show is made of wood, but it just so happens to pop out more this season than any other.  I think they put a new finish on it or something. Perhaps also Seasons 3 to 5 find the walls much more active and covered with more props.

This season features the most guest stars with orangey hair.

This season has the most episodes of The Swedish Chef... the majority all take place in front of the wooden wall background...the others feature copper pots.